Welcome to the EU Quarter in Brussels

The EU Quarter

On this portal you will find a listing of the best bars, pubs and restaurants in the neighborhood and especially around Square Luxembourg, Square Schuman and Square Jourdan. For those of you who just arrived or you are desperately looking for some social activities and meet friends, we will post anything that is organized in the European Quarter. From garage sales to ballet classes, volleyball teams and just watching a game of Rugby. We invite you to share any projects you might have in mind.

 About us

We are a couple of friends born and raised in the European Quarter and loving the neighborhood, enjoying the good life. Over the years, you can imagine, you meet some of the +65,000 EU employees, tourists from all over the world, locals and never ending “new arrivals”, whom we welcome of course.

We realized many of you people have a hard time to connect to the neighborhood. Finding activities like you were used to back home. Or you’re only staying a short period of time but you still want to keep busy after hours. Today we start bringing a change to the european quarter and lets find out what activities are organized in the EU quarter.

European Quarter Brussels



  • Activity

    Are you planning weekly activities for European expats in Brussels? Post it here for free. Is there an interesting event in town? Share it so we can join!
  • Finance & Insurrance

    Keep your finances healthy and your life insured. Find out what to do to be fully covered in Belgium.
  • Going out

    Places to eat, drink, dance and have a goos time with friends and family.
  • Real Estate

    A selection of furnished apartments directly from their owner.
  • Wellbeing

    Do you want to give yourself a little treat, go to the hairdresser, massage or beauty salon and instantly feel better