The Bikeboxes are the funny looking aluminum boxes you see on some streetcorners in the EU Quarter and all over Brussels.


How does it work?

You rent one of the 5 spaces in the box and you get a key to open the box. It will cost you 60€ per year (which is more expensive than a car parking card…) and you have to be registered in the neighbourhood of the box. As there are only 5 spots per box, you can imagine it’s pretty hard to get a spot… You will be put on a waiting-list, first come first served! You still want to apply for a box?

then call +32 2 641 73 00 or email We suggest to keep the email pretty lean;



My name is <your name> and I am registered at <your street & number>, <your postal code & Commune>. I would like to apply for a space in one of your bikeboxes, the nearest to my home is in <bikebox streetname>.

Can you please confirm the costs of 60€/year and let me know if there is any availability?

Thanks in advance,

Bikeboxes in the EU Quarter;


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