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All you need to know about public transportation. Not only public transport from the Brussels network but also TEC and De Lijn. Find out about Cambio, Villo, The Bikebox, etc...

Public transportation

When you just arrive in Brussels, you might get a bit confused.

Remember that Belgian has more then 1 government, it actually has 4 or even 5 differents governments and each region has it’s own public transportation network.

  • MIVB/STIB: operates in Brussels
  • TEC: operates in Wallonia and Brussels
  • De Lijn: operates in Flanders and Brussels



The Bikeboxes are the funny looking aluminum boxes you see on some streetcorners in the EU Quarter and all over Brussels.


How does it work?

You rent one of the 5 spaces in the box and you get a key to open the box. It will cost you 60€ per year (which is more expensive than a car parking card…) and you have to be registered in the neighbourhood of the box. As there are only 5 spots per box, you can imagine it’s pretty hard to get a spot… You will be put on a waiting-list, first come first served! You still want to apply for a box?

then call +32 2 641 73 00 or email We suggest to keep the email pretty lean;



My name is <your name> and I am registered at <your street & number>, <your postal code & Commune>. I would like to apply for a space in one of your bikeboxes, the nearest to my home is in <bikebox streetname>.

Can you please confirm the costs of 60€/year and let me know if there is any availability?

Thanks in advance,

Bikeboxes in the EU Quarter;



You don’t really need a car in Brussels. But if you don’t own your own car and you like to go shopping big or go and pick up someone at the airport, or just need a car once in awhile there is Cambio.

Cambio is carsharing. The difference between Cambio and hiring a car it’s probably that Cambio is practically on every corner of the street in Brussels. Moreover you only have to subscribe ones, so your driving license once, Pay a small fee of 35€ to use the service once and then pay for hour you drive.
Just to protect themselves Cambio asks for a deposit of €150-€500 depending on your subscription which you will get back when you unsubscribe. Don’t worry I did it and I got my money back.
The deposit is the amount you can spent basically. If you have some open invoices which you did not pay you will not be able to reserve a car.

How it works

  • • First of all subscribe online following this link
  • • Attend a meeting online or a meeting at their offices to be briefed on how Cambio works
  • • You pay your deposit and your first month fee
  • • Receive your card, The card is used to open the cars. The keys are in the cars!
  • • And once you you’ve done all of this you will be able to order your car online and to open the car with your card.
  • • Simple, easy, cheap, just do it.

What’s it going to cost me?

Cambio offers different rates according to the type of subscription;

  • • Start ; For very little driving or if you want to test Cambio for a while before stepping into a higher use plan.
  • • Bonus ; If you regularly need a car with low fixed costs and higher costs per kilometer.
  • • Comfort ; If you frequently use Cambio you can have a higher fixed rate and a lower price per kilometer.
  • • Campus ; For young drivers Cambio offers it’s services at the same rate as the start rate but with a higher Safety pack rate.

Tariff table

Start Bonus Comfort
deposit (one-time – refundable at end of contract)
150,00 €
500,00 €
500,00 €
150,00 €
one-time registration fee
35,00 €
35,00 €
35,00 €
35,00 €
monthly administration fee
4,00 €
8,00 €
22,00 €
4,00 €
Safety Pack
(one-time activation fee)
25,00 €
25,00 €
25,00 €
25,00 €
Safety Pack
(monthly fee)
4,00 €
4,00 €
4,00 €
6,00 €
electronic reduction (domiciliation + invoice by mail)
-1,00 €
-1,00 €
-1,00 €
-1,00 €


These are the monthly fixed costs, besides these costs you will be invoiced a rate per hour and per driven kilometer. Cambio offers different rates according to the type of vehicle;

  • • Class 1 ; Type Volkswagen Polo
  • • Class 2 ; Type Citroën Berlingo
  • • Class 3 ; Type Toyota Prius
  • • Class 4 ; Type Opel Ampera

Underneath you can the table if you have a Start subscription

time price

Klasse 1*

Klasse 2*

Klasse 3*

Klasse 4*

hour rate (from 7am till 11pm)
2,00 €
2,55 €
3,10 €
4,20 €
hour rate (from 11pm till 7am)
0,00 €
0,00 €
0,00 €
0,00 €
daily rate (24h – start at any time)
23,00 €
30,00 €
36,50 €
42,00 €
weekly rate (7 days – start at any time)
140,00 €
180,00 €
220,00 €
250,00 €
rate per km
until km 100, fuel incl.
0,34 €
0,35 €
0,37 €
0,42 €
from 101, fuel incl.
0,22 €
0,23 €
0,23 €
0,27 €


By now, the citybikes Villo in Brussels are a well known and well used form of transportation rental. The idea is simple, JC Decaux and Villo! want a bicycle rental spot every 450 meters from each other over the entire city of Brussels and 19 communes.

And it is working pretty good.



Step 1 : Register for your card of choice via this link. You can also choose if you want to receive a Villo! card (delivered in 14 days) or to use your Mobib card (see public transportation section)

Once you have your Villo Card or you charged your Mobib card you can start to use the Villo! city bicycle network.