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We recycle in Brussels. We all know you kind of forget from time to time if it's the yellow bags or the blue ones you can put on the curve tonight...

Waste Disposal

Be very careful, putting the wrong colored bags outside of your door on the wrong day, you will be fined 130€ per bag and stamped as an “illegal dumper”


There are 4 kind of bags in the city of Brussels. The bags are sold in pretty much all grocery shops and hypermarket like Carrefour, Delhaize, Colruyt, …

      • • White bags: for household garbage. Collected twice a week
      • • Yellow bags: for paper and carton only. Collected once every two weeks (one week blue, one week yellow)
      • • Blue bags: for cans, plastic bottles and drink cartons. Collected once every two weeks (one week blue, one week yellow)
      • • Green bags: for garden waste. Collected once week, in the most part of the EU quarter the green bags are collected on sunday

Check the following link and find out on which days your waste is collected and keep in mind that special inspectors put on there gloves and if they find your address inside a bag that has been put outside on the wrong day, you will be fined! Put the bags outside the day before the collection ONLY after 6 pm, or on the same day BEFORE 6 am.

Glass Containers

Glass is not allowed in any of the bags you can put outside. Glass needs to be deposited in glass containers you can find here and there. Be sure not to deposit too early in the morning or too late in the evening not to disturb people living next to it.

Container parks

Bigger waste can be deposited at the Brussels’ container parks. The following items can be deposited without cost;
Paper, Carton, Packaging, styrofoam, garden waste, metal, household electronics, doors, construction wood, garden wood, glass, windows, tires, paint, lamps, …
But keep all items separated from each other, wood with wood, glass with glass. Don’t fill a box with all you want to get rid off as you will have to sort it out on-site.
For items like drywalls, toilets, sinks, marble, isolation, … basicly the heavy stuff, you will need to pay a small fee.

If you live in 1000 Brussels, you can deposit your waste in 2 container parks;

Brits Tweedelegerlaan 676 – 1190 Vorst


Rupelstraat – 1000 Brussels

Opening times;

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 AM until 4 PM, Sunday and Monday from 2.30 PM until 8 PM. Tuesday and Wednesday the container parcs are also opened until 8 PM.