EU Quarter Welcome Guide

Welcome to the Brussels’ EU Quarter. We hope you will enjoy your stay! would like to help visitors and expats finding their way with information on administrative duties you need to fullfill, what kind of public transport you can use and how, How do you get a city bike, What is Cambio and how can I subscribe?

This is just a selection of what you will find in this section. Enjoy and if you need any help and you can’t find it on our portal, just send a request to

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  • When you just arrive in Brussels, you might get a bit confused. Remember that Belgian has more then 1 government, it actually has 4 or even 5 differents governments and each region has it's own public transportation network. MIVB/STIB: operates in... Find out more...


    Be very careful, putting the wrong colored bags outside of your door on the wrong day, you will be fined 130€ per bag and stamped as an "illegal dumper" Recycle There are 4 kind... Find out more...

    VISA EU citizens don't need a visa in order to enter Belgium. If you are not a EU citizen, you best talk to your nearest Belgian Embassy to find out Special VISA Waiver programs for some countries outside of the EU. In any case you will need to address this embassy before moving... Find out more...


    The Bikeboxes are the funny looking aluminum boxes you see on some streetcorners in the EU Quarter and all over Brussels.  Find out more...


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    Cambio-De Lijn

    You don't really need a car in Brussels. But if you don't own your own car and you like to go shopping big or go and pick up someone at the airport, or just need a car once in awhile there is Cambio. Cambio is carsharing. The difference between Cambio and hiring a car it's... Find out more...


    By now, the citybikes Villo in Brussels are a well known and well used form of transportation rental. The idea is simple, JC Decaux and Villo! want a bicycle rental spot every 450 meters from each other over the entire city of Brussels and 19 communes. And it is working pretty... Find out more...




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