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Does anybody know why the “Wild Geese” is closed? I have noticed that it has been quite some time now, and in the entrance, the mail is piling up and nobody takes care of it.its closed because it could no longer get away with opening and bankrupting companies and then passing onto another shell company before the whole process began again. no accounts filed for years and even though was “allegedly” owned by the loughneys of kittys fame (who have been banned from being a director of a belgian company due to buying off the VAT inspector with golf trips to Ireland) They were no longer able to keep up the web and avoid taxes. Allegedly it was getting to hot for them. Interestingly, kittys is now owned by a macedonian company called NAMA ad, a nice pun on the Irish bad debt bank set up to manage fraudulent developers portfolios…i wonder how much macedonian kevin loughney speaks?

Anyway, as they are currently rebuilding the whole block, it’s bound to become something!

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